Sports Turf Care

Our sports turf program is designed to maximize the playability, safety and aesthetics of the field. To achieve this our qualified staff use all aspects of turf care including soil testing, prescription fertilizer programs, over seeding, topdressing, aerifying, along with irrigation consultation and scheduling. Care programs are set up specifically for your field and your budget. We are happy to work at any capacity from consultations with your staff, to providing fertilization and weed control or complete field maintenance.

Baseball & Softball Fields:

  • infield skin topdressing and renovation
  • pitchers mound building/renovation
  • batters box building/renovation
  • infield lip removal and grading
  • over seeding turf areas
  • resodding infields

Football & Soccer Fields:

  • topdressing and crown maintenance
  • over seeding
  • resodding

Follow Up Care:

  • prescription fertilization programs
  • soil testing
  • soil amending
  • aeration
  • irrigation installation, repair and timing set up
  • turf edging and definition of base lines
  • pest management including fungal and insect potential problems
  • lawn mowing
  • in season field inspections and tune ups
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